I had a chance to meet Paul at the end of June 2015, What a great guy. I was on vacation and heard from a friend about his company. What a find he has saved my butt. Paul changed a really bad, non usable computer to a brand new unit. I also had to have some tech support to customize my computer. I live in the Bay area and this would of cost me between $ 300 to 500 dollars. Paul's cost was a 5th of that. Now my computer is like brand new. I can't thank him enough. Please don't buy a new computer like I almost did, just call Paul. His online support is the best anyone could ask for. Thanks for your help.

Joel Sinkay

Having a computer that can be used by several different people as at Two Rivers Gallery always increases the opportunity for something to go wrong, and of course our new computer came down with a virus that crippled it. Paul worked on it for us and in the end was forced to take it home and restore it to factory specs, so now we have a fresh start.

Then almost immediately, while re-installing Adobe Reader, an unwanted game appeared which Paul was able to remove remotely by cleaning out the registry which is not something I am willing to tackle. It's great to know that there is help nearby, and that no one has to make a trip to get that help. It's also great to have a functional computer again!

I most definitely recommend Paul if you are having computer issues.

Joan Rowe

I had been having problems with my laptop for a couple of weeks. I tried the basics, cleaning cookies, defragmenting my computer and of course the updates. None of it really helped. With Mr. Paul Tillson's help my computer was running faster in just a few minutes. I really recommend every one should give him a try. You will not be disappointed.

Nancy Finley

I can't say enough as to how fast and efficient Paul has fixed the issues with my computer and I was able to work at other aspects of my business and come back later and it was fixed. He is well worth the money and was a very pleasant experience.

Faron Bailey

I took my computer to Paul because it quit working. He diagnosed the problem and recovered my data. I will need a new computer, but my data was saved. He is very knowledgeable and helpful and all this was done in a very timely manner. I highly recommend his services. Thanks Paul.

Jay Bauguess

I could not get my printer to work remotely and Paul Tillson fixed it for us without even coming out. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. I will certainly call on him if I have computer issues in the future. I highly recommend his services.

Chuck Harreld

Paul was recommended by two good friends and I want to tell you I am really glad that we connected. My computer was a mess. What a hassle to haul it into town. With Paul, he can do all the work by remote. You can sit and watch or go about your business. He is prompt and he is reasonable. I will recommend Paul's business without a doubt.

Norma Jean Wilder

I am amazed that Paul was able to fix my computer. I had been on tech support with one company for the major part of three days and was getting no where. They told me I needed a new computer. Then I saw TAP Enterprises' sign on a building in Chiloquin and called the number. Immediately Paul calmed me down and tried to walk me through the repair, but because I had serious troubles due to a virus and my lack of knowledge, I took the cpu to him and he restored it for me, as if it had just came out of the box from the factory. I fortunately, on his advise, had backed up my programs, he helped me feed them back into the computer and I am once again up and running.

I strongly recommend him. He does most of his repairs remotely so you won't even need to leave your home or office.

Linda Crane

I tried Paul on the recommendation of a friend of mine, and I'm very pleased that I did. He worked with me to clear all the viruses and malware, as well as clearing out other redundancies that were slowing my computer to a crawl. He was good about explaining what he was doing and why, and showed me a few things I could do myself to keep my computer clean of excess junk. I appreciated being treated as an intelligent person, even if I AM a technopeasant (my son's term, not Paul's) and best of all, he was able to work on my computer remotely, so I didn't have to unplug it and drag it out to his office!

Muriel Johnson

Great job, does everything remotely so he is able to do repairs when we are not needing to use the computer. For the first one he walked me through the steps so I could do most maintenance myself. He then quickly found the error on my new computer and was able to fix it right away. I recommend Paul for all your computer needs.

Menu King USA

Paul has been a web life-saver for me so many times, I know he will get me running again with my antique desk top and lap top problem child.
He is always fair with his billing and I love the team viewer option on my computer and completely trust him taking control of my computers from his.

Cathy Briggs

I called Paul about the speed of my computer after I ran all the scans I could think of. He cleaned it all up and looked until he found the problem and would not give up. He is very professional, and I enjoy working with him.

Robert Doud

It was pleasure to have Paul work on my computer. I will recommend him to anybody, any time. His professional approach, his attitude, and especially his knowledge speaks for itself; kind and nice man who knows what he is doing. Thank you Paul, great job!

Jarry Machula

I am only surprised and disappointed that we didn't take the time to post this comment much sooner! It certainly wasn't a result of not having thought it and discussed within our small company.

Paul Tillson-TAP Enterprises, LLC has been a dream come true for KIST Soap & Skincare. TAP Ent. exemplifies the concept of a professional IT resource and provider of impeccable customer service. A brief history of our company relative to web and IT needs includes: Hiring a web designer via personal referral. We were her first customer, so things were going very slowly. Within the 6 months of working with this individual she decided she wanted to retire (unfinished web site was the ultimate result); this was followed by retaining the services of a well established web designer to complete the web page/design and keep us as a client for IT needs going forward. In less than a year, he disappeared without notice to us. Yes you got it...here we go again! Needless to say, we were frustrated and upset. We are non-tech business owners! What to do - forget the web site entirely, or pay a fortune for another service provider(which we could not afford). We discovered TAP Ent./Paul Tillson in a local advertisement. He presented professionally, calmly, and timely. Long story short, Paul Tillson is a business saver! We have been working with Paul and his company for almost 2 yrs, and have found him to be a very talented professional resource who has made his assistance affordable to the small business owner. He is consistently there for our company and personal Web/IT needs, very respectful of our technical limitations, and willing to teach us. Truthfully, we cannot say enough about this individual and his company TAP. Thank you Paul for everything you have done for us and our company! You are amazing.

Janice Briggs

Paul Tillson Best computer repair man I have had ever done business with knows what the he is doing with fair prices. I highly recommend him when you need anything done on your computer.

John Merriman

There are times when I am completely overwhelmed by computer over load.Paul is always there to guide me through the maze that I don't understand.He usually has my computer up to speed in 5 minutes.Thank You Paul.

Coke Crume

Thanks to Paul I still have my laptop. Staples said toss it!! In computers terms it is old (6yrs) but I like it!!
Paul spent 15 min fiddling with all kinds of buttons etc..
and brought it back to life like new. Paul is a man of
integrity and is honest. I recommend that if you have
a computer problem call Paul...

Lee Cook

I would like to thank Paul Tillson for his patience and time working on my computer. He is awesome! His knowledge of the computer and its workings is amazing. Thank you again Paul. It is so handy to call Paul and not have to take my computer to Klamath Falls.

Betty Case

We called Paul's Computer company, TAP Enterprises LLC, because our computer was very old and slow.
He was able to speed up our computer and show us how to manipulate our programs to meet our objectives.
We have known Paul and members of his family for over ten years. Paul's knowledge of computers has served us as an asset to achieve our goals. We would recommend TAP Enterprises LLC, to those who need high quality computer related services.

Harden's Antiques
37440 Hwy. 97 N
Chiloquin, Oregon. 97624

Edward & Esther Harden

This is someone who knows VERY little about computer.When things go wrong I get very frustrated and want to quit the whole business.
I have known Paul's parents and Paul from a very young boy. I've always been impressed with the wisdom of the family and am not surprized that Paul picked up that blessing. Was having a big problem with my computer and printer communicating and printing correctly if at all. Ran into Paul and he walked me through the whole process(in language I could understand) and was so very patient.
Never rushed and KNOWS what he's doing. I will recommend him to family, friends and anybody who needs help. And he did it all over the phone which was sooo convenient.
Thank you again Paul hope all goes well.

Judy Pedder

I've known Paul for years but had never needed his services prior to a couple of months ago. I ended up with a worm that Paul was able to rid my computer of remotely plus he was able to fix a communication problem I was having with a shared printer.

Since then, Paul has recommended a wonderful computer maintenance program that has kept my computer in good order and he's even taught me how to fix a couple of software problems.

Paul has always been available to answer any computer related questions I have and he answers them in English, not computerese. I have recommended Paul to many of my friends and business associates and I don't hesitate to recommend him to you now.

Paul is friendly, knowledgeable, and fast. Thanks, Paul, for all of your help!

Lisa Anglin

" Ray saved my computer from the re-cycle bin! I am a middle-aged lady, with no computer skilz. I was just a day away from having the internet turned off, when my husband told me about Ray, and some of the work he had been doing.

Ray networked our computers together, and went to work. He explains everything as he goes,and the man is as patient as a rock!

I would reccomend him to anyone who needs help with their computer, or just regular maintenence."

Pat wryn

Pat Wryn

"I have been honored to have Paul work with my computer systems. When I was without hope he provided it. He has been a friend to both me and my systems. Now the systems are happy , faster and more efficient. Thank you Paul for your great work."

Craig Paulnitz

"I have been a customer of tapenterprises.net and I have been a happy customer! Paul was able to fix my computer whereas 2 other technicians in past have not been able to find the problem. Paul found it, plus a few other problems too and told me what to do to avoid them in the future! 5 stars to you Paul!"

Theresa O'Neil Kessler

" Paul helped me in the past with a major issue, and my problem is now resolved. In addition, he gave me some tips on how to keep computer running smoothly and less of a chance to get a virus. I highly recommend his expertise. Given a hard problem to find and he found it!!

I had a few others look at my computer, hemmed and hawed about it...I still had the problem...but Paul did what it took to get it resolved! Paul rocks!! I would give him without any more thought a 5 star rating!!!

You'd be wasting your time and money if you called upon anyone else, not knowing whether they can fix your problem or not! Give him a call when needed!"

Terry Kessler

"Recently i had an issue with the way my laptop was running ,and after trying to deal with this issue myself I only made matters worse. I was fortunate enough to befriend a computer technician, Paul Tilson. I tried to explain the problem i was having and, being computer stupid I couldnt even do that right. It was then I allowed him remote access to my laptop and he took it from there to fix the issues I was having .

I was gobsmacked watching my cursor moving all over the screen and different pages coming and going, it was fun to watch the entire process happen. He did however make sure that my system was fully operational before handing it back to me and all was done with the utmost confidentiallity and my systm is actually running better and faster.

I haven't had an issue since and this was 3 months ago. Thank you Paul your the GOTO man when and if another issue arises ^5s and well done. I will not hesitate to call upon you again if needed and I will definitely recommend your services to my friends . Once again thank you."

Edmund PapaFuzzy McDermott

"I received the help I needed to improve my laptop computer with Paul Tillson's work. He cleaned out the many, many useless temp and hidden files on my hard drive that only took up space. Generally he cleaned the system, like the registry.

He answered my questions; he also made suggestions and advised me about what I needed and did not need on my computer when it came to software.

He guided me while we downloaded a browser program I had been wanting to try out. I was glad to have someone knowledgeable with computer technology to help with the download, so I did not have to rely on Miss I-Have-No-Idea-What-I-Am-Doing (me.)

Paul utilizes his skills effectively, and he is not a time waster. He turned my slow 1 year old computer into a fast and efficient machine."

Dora Diedrich

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